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  Personal info

If you are interesting to know more about me please visit this pages.
By the way, I am looking for new job. If you are an employer you can find my resume here. My last place of work was doing consulting for Certified Nerds they are a computer repair company in the Akron Ohio area. To visit thier site go to Certified Nerds

Wave Optics

Wave Optics for Internet is an independent project aimed at creating a free package of Java applets covering the university course of wave optics.
I am sorry for I do not often have enough time to write new applets for the project, so I do not guarantee finishing it in the near future.



Color Lines is very popular board game in Russia.
This is a Java port of this game. Both Applet and stand alone Application in the same class files supported.
There is a Top scores list maintained by cgi script wriiten in PERL.

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